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Thank God it’s Friday,” the saying goes, signaling the arrival of the weekend—a time to take a break and relax with family and friends. Interestingly, this phrase is also the franchise brand name TGIF of an American food and beverage company.

Since the onset of Covid, Thursdays have taken on a new significance for me. It marks the approaching end of the week, coinciding with the completion of most of my important work and calls by Wednesday evening. By the time Thursday arrives, I find that I don’t need to make additional phone calls or engage in extensive email follow-ups. It has become a day when I can finally detach from constant interactions with the world.

While the notion of isolation may sound negative, it’s the realization that I don’t need nor want continuous social engagement. This realization stems from a deliberate practice of not answering every call, minimizing scheduled calls for the end of the week, and, most importantly, using “NO” as my default response to any proposal, whether professional or social.

Essentially, Thursday marks the beginning of a period of silence—a day when I limit my interactions with others. I’ve noticed that during Thursdays and Fridays, I produce higher-quality work, experience greater happiness, and maintain a focused and present mindset with the people around me.

Conclusions: This realization is bittersweet. While thriving in community and being social animals, it’s crucial not to dilute our social and work practices excessively. My advice is to start detoxing from constant interactions with people starting on Thursday. Let Thursday and Friday be the days dedicated to investing in yourself. Remember, you are the most important asset, and safeguarding your time and mental fitness is paramount at all costs.