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Andrea Zanon

International Business

About Andrea Zanon

​Andrea Zanon is a Founder, CEO and experienced technology entrepreneur who has made powerful strides in his career. Working out of both Washington D.C. and Rome, and bearing past experience in working in Latin American, Middle Eastern and African markets, he has become well-versed in international business relations and affairs. Throughout the majority of his career, Andrea has worked diligently to craft partnerships across varying disciplines and countries due to his natural ability to bring people together under common goals and to create incentives to succeed.

Within international business, it is critical to encompass the exact people skills that Andrea Zanon is known for. Having been working in these markets for over a quarter of a century, he has become well-versed in business lingo and procedures, enabling him to perform well in international markets. In his current role as Founder and CEO of WeEmpower Capital and Confidente, Andrea has seen many successes such as strategic partnerships and global recognition. He established a capital advisory to provide, technology, entrepreneurship and ESG advice to corporations and financial institutions seeking access to smart tech and sustainable finance. He has also established an empowerment tech company as he believes his coaching skills can transform growth and success.

Andrea’s passion for technology comes from a deep-seated interest in sustainability and climate change. It is what motivates him in his business strategies and allows him to produce something meaningful with his work. More specifically, Andrea Zanon is interested in empowerment technologies, sports, and green growth. He recognizes the great future these areas have, as well as how they relate to foreign policy. With technology rapidly evolving, including AI and with no sign of it slowing down any time soon, it is more important than ever to use these advancements to the advantage of international business markets.

As the climate-conscious individual that he is, Andrea has long been involved with the clean tech investment and decarbonization in business. Both through his international business experience advising over 20 ministers of finance, the World Bank, President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Andrea has made it a personal and professional goal to help alleviate some of the devastating effects that humankind has had on the environment. Since 2003, Andrea Zanon has been the Founder and Vice President of Earth Council Italia, through which he raised $5 million for climate change adaptation through the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations, as well as fundraised millions of other dollars for worthwhile causes, one being the development of a health application to boost doctor-patient relations in Africa and the Middle East.

As if Andrea’s resume weren’t enough to convince you of his procured experience in international business, his vast language skills are an additional bonus. He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French, which allows him to converse accurately with global partners. Andrea continues to write for international newspapers on tech, investment, empowerment, and fund-raising.

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