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As I reflect on winning and losing in 2023, the key to my success and losses transcends strategies and innovations, it’s all about the people you surround yourself with. Drawing insights from navigating the ups and downs of 2023, I’ve distilled three essential rules that will guide you towards enduring success and happier living. Prepare for a journey into the world of choices, partnerships, and the transformative influence of aligning yourself with the right people.

Rule 1: Illuminate Truth, Banish Manipulation
“Spot lies, call them out, and let honesty and partnership be your guiding light.”

Discover the empowering force of truth and perseverance in your personal journey to mastery. Explore how to navigate through the façade of shiny characters, ego driven power who hide deceit behind impressive titles and promise of money. Learn the art of building a foundation rooted in transparency and integrity. Remember that even if you have money, getting rich overnight is impossible unless you break all the rules. Bring on board people that can accompany you in your patient and relentless journey of building the foundation for sustained success. Say no to most people that enter your life and take your time to accept them once they check all the happiness and ethical boxes.

Rule 2: Quality Bonds Over Flashy Allure
“Build alliances with those you’d welcome into your family circle and those that make you a better person.”

Immerse yourself into the heart of successful collaborations by prioritizing genuine relationships. Embrace the impact of surrounding yourself with individuals who share your values, possess essential complimentary skills (if you are a finance guy, get a sales person or a marketer), that bring ethical, energetic, and patient qualities to your life and business. Make sure that you introduce your future team members to your family members and your mentors and make sure they pass the test, or simply say “thank you but no thank you”.

Rule 3: Craft Your Inner Circle Mindfully
“Become the average of those who uplift and inspire you.”

Unlock the secret to personal growth by carefully curating your inner circle. Learn the strategic art of selecting mentors, family, and friends who propel you forward. Avoid the pitfalls of being swayed by superficial allure, and trust the wisdom of those who genuinely care about your journey.

As you navigate the twists and turns of 2024, remember: success is a collaborative effort and it is rarely a sprint. Embrace these three foundational rules, learn from collective experiences, and resist the allure of seductive superficial facades. Trust in the power of authentic connections and let the strength of your chosen companions propel you towards a future of enduring success. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey, armed with the collective wisdom of shared experiences and the strength of genuine connections!

Get ready to put networking on your schedule in 2024, and make it part of your weekly routine. Also pick through the book “Never Eat Alone” (Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Ra) to learn the tricks of mastering effective networking. Hppy New Year!